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Exclusive Cosmetics by 4U2


4U2 Cosmetics Malaysia

4U2 Cosmetics started in 1990 by Keith McCulloch who saw the market for affordable beauty cosmetics that catered to the needs teens and young professionals.
The origin of this brand (4U2) is belongs to British Virgin Islands, Tortola Island, Rhode City, Postal Box 146, Hengtai Trust (British Virgin Islands) Co., Ltd.

This brand manufactured exclusively by Colorcos Co. Ltd. (Colorcos), in Thailand under an exclusive and registered license with Bel*Air Cosmetics Corp. USA (Bel*Air).
4U2 Cosmetics was re-launched in Malaysian market in 2015 by Puan Faezah Suradi and has achieved strong acceptance among target consumers based on its imagery, quality, value, innovation, new products and promotion and sense of fun.

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