4U2 You’re Mine (Defect Stock)


Smooth, intense matte colors for dazzling look and complete comfort. New formulation with improved water resistance. You’re mine… Only from 4U2!

Note: No Return & Exchange applicable for this collection

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There will be no irritation to the lips. Suitable to wear throughout the day without stains and can be applied on the cheeks as well.

The collection has 18 colors, divided into 6 groups of color. Can be used as a blusher and eyeshadow base.

Suitable for all skin types and color.

How to use: Apply 4U2 You’re Mine carefully and gently to your lips. please replace the snap cap immediately after use to avoid product from dryness.

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4U2 You're Mine

01 My Dear, 02 My Romeo, 03 My Ex, 04 My Hero, 05 My One & Only, 06 My Darling, 07 My Sweetie Pie, 08 My Love, 09 My Angle, 10 My Heart, 11 My Little Devil, 12 My Girlfriend, 13 My Honey Bunny, 14 My Sugar Doll, 15 My Babe, 16 My Best Friend, 17 My Chikie Chic, 18 My Teddy Bear


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